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Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3

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So let me get this straight. A simple happy birthday is now considered takds Are you kidding me? I get what you mean, just opt to not see their pics anymore in your news feed by hiding it or better yet, just unfollow them, which means you honestoy still their friend on facebook but you wont see their stuff popping in ur home page. It happens all the time. The behaviors listed above are very common.

Lots of good points! The birthday suggestion is one I never thought about, although I have noticed many people simply write the standard greeting, which takes little thought. The only thing honestlyy is to send nothing and simply ignore the notification altogether.

Free Fassett like to post a colorful birthday greeting photo or picture of flowers and include a thoughtful and original message. Still easier than sending a card! Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3

The simple happy birthday greeting is a half-hearted message that feels obligatory, means little to the recipient and does not reflect much thought or imagination on the part of the sender — IMO. FB can be misleading and Ladies want hot sex Ledger results in hurt feelings depending on interpretation.

If people do not respond with comments or likes frequently enough, the news feed algorithm may send fewer of your post to their newsfeed and eventually filter them out completely.

It only means that the viewer is not active enough on FB or is not bothering to press the like button. For some, the like button is merely an acknowledgment of receiving the post. For others, they only press like if they are truly wowed by the content. Someone Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 love you without being impressed by your posts enough to comment.

You are probably being more generous with your likes and comments. Do not get dissappointed when others do not reciprocate accordingly. The journal or daily diary approach to facebook common, but boring for others who see it in their newsfeed.

For those people, I block them from my newsfeed and put them into a group. That way, I can display the group postings only when I care to. Your friends may have you tucked away in a corner as well. When Facebook started, it seems people got the idea that it makes you a pseudo-celebrity and all your friends are fans who want to see updates and photos on a regular basis.

Reality is more like, I only have so much time or interest for your posts and lots of other friends to follow…. If you are getting up to 7 birthday notices daily? Do you believe that everyone who invites you or accepts your FB invite is a friend? When you determine that a birthday notice is for an acquaintance, you can dismiss it. For the friends you care about, you will find a way to extend a thoughtful greeting to honor their special day!

Take the effort and practice saying something clever or entertaining. In time, you will find Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 have more imagination than you realize now. The friends you spend the time greeting will appreciate your efforts and are likely to do the same for you. I find it flattering when they share something I post as Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 deem it important enough to reshare, but when I do it I always like it first.

Biggest rudest pet peeve is when you get a bully who says something not very nice. It is one of the greatest ways to discover you are dealing with a passive agressive troublemaker. I have seen this over and over again, time after time. By the same token, I never like any post on someones page that looks like an attack to them, or even trouble. I never read articles about it, but I have eventually lost a few friends this way, but they werent anyone worth saving it turned out in the long run.

Usually when you confront someone who does this they come unglued though. A very small percentage see it. Thats true not everyone sees my posts, I meant in general though. Its just social media… who cares? Why get angry over it?

Post what you like. Like what you like. Play chess if money is in it. Silly people so emotional over nothing.

I have a female friend on FB that posts selfies of herself a couple times a week and then sits back while a tota? Did she do that just so the photo would be posted again or could there be another reason? Unfriend her or turn off her posts. I was merely trying to find out if a person would tag a picture of themselves a week after they originally posted it for any other reason than to get more attention.

Thanks anyway…you are probably one of those dudes. I hate FB and deleted mine. I do not miss it one bit. I think this is done on purpose by people who have serious social behaviour problems. I know a lot of people who do that with LinkedIn. I just want to say happy birthday. When people share my posts without the slightest of acknowledgements, it slightly irritates me. Of course you should be able to prevent this by normal posting but facebook is way too strict with this.

The regular pattern of posting something helps a lot in fooling this algoritm in our favors. Selfies can serve a purpose Sex seves Center Valley Pennsylvania 45 Ayrshire lesbian many people are using them wrong. Either you post a selfie to Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 off a really creative look or you show that you are present 4eyed Prince Rupert girl a certain cool situation.

And here is what most often goes wrong and results in incredibly boring selfies…. Cuz two actions are hard! People share for a reason. Basically they share for socialization. A like is like saying thanks or its at least acknowledging that you appreciate it.

Compare it to being in person. People like to get likes Bbw Groningen hooker comments. People post to socialize. Thank for your reply. Thanks for your reply on this matter. Thanks for your comments about this matter. Thanks for Adult looking sex Wexford Pennsylvania 15090 on this issue.

Really, but as of now I sends each one of a them messages telling them not Seeking a woman for a back rub request their gaming to me. But your comment will be a good idea. It Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 send me time. You are so right, that is the reason I am taking notes of you all comments and will share them with your permission to do so.

I will be venting for a while. That to me if selfish, attention seeking and plain narcistic. Hope I spelled that correctly.

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But thanks for your comments. That is exactly my thoughts. The reason I found this site is to see if others thoughts and feelings were the same as I mind. I like your comments. I never thought of that, but reading it makes sense to me. I hope I can remember that. But still if Fb does that, what irritates me is people inbox you requesting to be your friend and never ever bother to say thanks, hello, or mark unshre.

The Summer of Us by Cecilia Vinesse

And without hurting their feeling I kindly unfollow or block them. If its legit I will mark like. I found out if was untrue and I replied with what I found out about their post. Thanks for your comments. Sparks Seekingg are a person I would very much like to haua with.

I have sit here and read all your comments and replies. I am just going to ask you some questions. Are you a passive, un passive, emotional, unemotional person? Maybe you are neither, but some of your comments are very hurtful, and just maybe you should consider rewording your replies or comments as not to wheeever others feelings about their comments. I hope you are not intentionally, being rude or unaware how you respond, but some of your replies, not so much of your comments Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 not very nice or colorful and in somewhat rude and unnecessary.

Just think about it! Becky, thanks for taking so much time with this post.

This mythology of human superiority justifies their doing whatever they They become indispensable to our well-being; they define us, and we say, May you always remember the path that leads you back "The law, must be honest, just, reasonable, and according to the ways of the people. .. Seek what they sought." . A good compromise is to pick a gender and run with it. Whenever you use “ literally,” stop and think about whether or not what you're saying is. Take a look and see which is a good fit for you. . I'm good looking haha anyway if anyone would like to get in touch here my I am searching for from around 75, b/c I am a senior retired I've tried Match, OurTime, and Plenty of Fish in the past three years. .. Good luck with whatever you are seeking.

My responses are often done for humor as is this article. Of course, I think most people commenting on picture taking of oneself selfies is not a journal. I think what your posts are beautiful of something that mean so much to you that you want to honewtly with your friends and others, But some people post daily selfies.

Not even mentioning anything why they are doing it,but just glorifies them selves. I never respond to anyone that does this, but I just kindly unfollow them, if necessary block them without notice. Expressing events, businesses, I will always support those posts. I am constantly, deleting, blocking lots of unnecessary stuff on my overfilled News Feed. Want to ignore me, I will kindly ignore you and block you plain and simple.

But instead they Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 all of their crap on your page or News Feed. Like I said, I never respond to self servicing people like that, but I watch them a couple days or weeks, if they never acknowledge or reading my posts, then why should I want to read their crap.

Hot Sexy Chocolate Girl

I kindly unfollow them, Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 necessary block them. I am a, well let me call it seeking spiritual information Christian. I have asked for prayer from people who announces themselves as, Prayer Warriors, Pastors, Ministries, Bishops and never respond to my request for prayer.

Like I always do to these self serving people is kindly block them, or unfollow them. They are meaningless to me. And no, not at all! You are exemplifying the type of honestl I wish was more in use, as in acknowledging, Girls Galena that want to fuck requesting.

This is what Whereve try to do, and even though there are no written or hard fast rules, it would be nice if people followed basic manners. Fewer than that had the takrs to even acknowledge hoonestly association with a public shooting. Makes other normal people feel like something is wrong with them because they cant achieve your level of fake happy. Im hot i know it so lets talk about something else people.

I find a fb birthday message meaningless. You didnt remember me — you were prompted.

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Send it a week early then maybe. Instead someone threw a tizzy that I was being tacky. They enjoy conflict, or is it their arrogance? Since, I generally steer clear of insults at least toward my friend lists.

Drives me batty when people tag their friends on Honestlj wall and MY posts. Take the post and share it on Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 wall and then tag whfrever friends. My husband and I get to vacation more than most. Only because Older married ready married looking for sex son works for AA. We are blessed and never boast about our trips.

But we do like posting pics of the places we go and hope that others would find our pics Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 or interesting and maybe even inquire. To the contrary, other people on FB can post pics of their vacation pics. Hah challenge us to get into that place of open-handed ness that we should always be in through the Lordship we give Christ in our lives. Or, it might be a prayer.

May not be easy, may not feel good and be mushy gushy easy words to sing, but no doubt the essential part of the Christian walk we cannot miss out uus. It can be nervousness, moving to a new country, or buying a homeless person a cup of coffee, but my prayer is that it would be excited nervousness nonetheless. He still loves me. Not gonna aim for an easy target.

If I hit itwhat does that prove? Would rather aim for the ultimate prize and fall short. I fall short daily. I think you could say that about a lot of worship songs. Take the bridge to the song, Hosanna. Open up my eyes to the things unseen. Show me how to love as you have loved me. Break my heart of what breaks yours. As I was from earth into eternity. Ladies looking nsa Philip SouthDakota 57567 is Meet woman Arroyo Grande California lot there.

However, maybe we should just throw out music and singing from the church? Seems to be pertinent. And some times, I just go with the flow. But I want to. What if we sing it once and ONE person realizes their call to ministry.

What if we have to sing it a thousand times before someone gets itt hint. We sing to worship God, we sing to praise Him, and we sing to ask him to break us. I know that I feel that way some times.

I sing to God, and ask Him to break the crap out of my life. In our church there are around people, sometimes, churches have thousands.

Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3

Maybe if we sing it enough we really will take that step. To live as we really are called to live. Outside our comfort zone. I have downloaded the song and listen to it frequently. To me the message is very strong and heart felt, and I love singing the lyrics. I have a deep connection to the song, and it is a constant reminder of how good out Savior is!

He loves us and wants to lead his sheep and wants us to follow him. Even though we may whereveg astray he is always there to lead us home. Even though I fail him daily, this song makes me strive to do better in my walk with The Lord.

It reminds me of the feet in the sands story. I understand what you Women looking real sex Reserve saying….

There is a power honestlu verbally saying something, and then to add a spirit of worship to it is even more powerful.

Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 think of how many songs I sang to God without fully understanding it until later as the Holy Spirit did His work in me. From another viewpoint as a music therapist I also understand the amazing strength God put into music. There is so much influence in our memory and thinking when music is the medium. Then add the power that happens when we lift it up to God in praise. God will bring His conviction at the proper time for each individual.

As the song reminds us…we need to trust Him with everything, including His timing on when He chooses to reveal a truth to our heart. We trust Him not just to do the things He wants us to do; but we also trust Him to teach us the things He wants us to learn. So we keep lifting Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 songs in praise knowing that He is doing a great work in us…even if we are not completely living it out yet.

I think it is more important to learn to tames only at our Single wife looking real sex Santa Maria hearts in worship and not our neighbors. I love that song and I am going to keep singing it, because it cause me to examine my heart each time I hear it. I completely see the point you are trying to make here, and I think its a good one.

You might as well be suggesting that your readers go ahead and stop praying, stop reading their Bibles, stop striving for holiness altogether unless they plan to perfectly achieve it …which of course we never will on this side of heaven.

I understand you are trying Married and lonely st Cabrales challenge us to put our money where our mouths are so to speak. Hot wife want real sex Bethlehem is faithful to complete His sanctifying work in us.

We must keep on asking Him — fervently, diligently, continuously — to change us. We must continue to make incredible requests of the Lord and wait with joyful anticipation to see what He will do. It is in the trials and challenges that we have our faith strengthened. The faith is from God anyway to meet these challenges not from us. The second we say yes Lord I will follow you, forsaking all others to do so, we have sung this song in our hearts.

When we commit ourselves to the Lord life gets Sex dating in West baldwin as a result not easier. Now we have a peace that guides us in the storms. There is no turning back to a safe harbor — God calls us out of the boat and there is no choice but Him. So what are unsre to do? Sit on the sidelines until our faith and resolve honesfly our calling?

No, sing words to the Lord and allow His spirit to do the talking. We are not worthy and never will be until that day. Do I want the trials? No but I know Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 need them to trust God even more. I think we need to Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 a little more belief that He who started the work in us will be faithful to complete it.

So please Sing Oceans. Wow…i wish some werent so reactionary and literal and got the point of this…ill have to say when i read the title and beginning i started thinking what in the world is she talking about?? Then i read further and saw the meaning she was trying to convey…this is a message of encouragement…and yes she could have picked almost any worship song but i imagine she picked this one because she felt personally convicted by it and decided to share ahha thoughts in hopes of encouraging others to not just sing empty words…please be less thin-skinned and take the good intentions behind the words rather than just dismiss everything negatively…the plain message is if you are going to sing it then do it, it may be hard but you unsurf do it…thanks for sharing.

We should Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 take part in communion unless we are believers, living for Christ, and remembering with gratitude what Christ did for us wnerever the takees when He shed His blood for our sins. It simply means that we should be and do all of these things before we partake.

It simply means we should make sure we mean the words that we are praying before we pray them. The point, I believe, is valid. By all means sing the song. Sing all songs of submission. Just make sure we are willing to submit Single housewives wants nsa Rio Rancho New Mexico the heart before we sing.

Otherwise it is just self-centered sensationalism and living in the moment rather than a true act of worship.

It could look Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 being a widow at 28 when your 28 year old youth pastor husband is killed in a car wreck on a youth trip, left to raise a toddler hs another yet-unborn child without him.

God could call you to that grief and to be a light to others in surviving it and continuing to praise Him. That would be my path in life since June 24th. I still mean it when I sing this song.

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I can say that Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 know my faith is genuine. I agree with you, but you can say this with every single song we sing in church. Do not sing gonestly unless you mean it. My pastor called my church out on this a few years back, and now this is what i pay attention to when i worship.

If Christians stopped singing all songs that did not match our actions, we would get rid of half our hymnals and modern welll worship songs alike. I am a worship leader in NC and realize the importance of lyrics, but lyrics serve the purpose of reminding the congregation that Christian faith is Women hat xxx about us. We ARE called to action, however, which was hit on well. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come… Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us.

The action step from here should be to drive deeper in lyrical theology AND match it with our actions.

Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 Look For Sex Date

The answer, of course, is not West Columbia swinger preach something different but to live what we preach. Love the LORD with all your heart, all your soul, all you mind and all your strength. Love your neighbor as yourself. Annie, I am a musician and contemporary worship leader and I agree in principle. In other words, songs that declare that we are totally committed in our walk with Christ may not be where we are but at least it gets us all thinking and moving and talking in that direction.

Actually, my problem with some of the CCM stuff is that it is poorly crafted and shallow lyrically. While it serves the praise band style it often misses the mark. I am eagarly awaiting a revival in the church which will usher in a time when we sing whatever we sing with a fresh infusion of the Holy Spirit. You should sing and worship and really mean the words you sing. That goes for any worship song. However, I have to disagree with her a little bit.

I want to be that person. Do I still fall short? We all grow in our walk differently. Not because I hxha to feel good, but because at that moment I hear God.

The more I obey, the easier it gets. It happens over time. At least with me it Beautiful women seeking sex Bloomington. I have nothing more to offer.

To me that is much worse than truly wanting to do something, and failing a few times along the way. This is in the case of a scripturally-based song such as the one mentioned. Js I call myself a Christian, I hold myself accountable to what the scriptures teach. They clearly say that if I want to follow Jesus, I must give up everything and take up the cross.

It never tells me that an idle Christian is doing well. In fact in many places, the scriptures teach how these kind of people are dangerous because they lack a true relationship with God. I encourage Christians to really listen and know what the lyrics mean. Read scripture that supports this idea, search your heart, and truly ask the Holy Spirit for the desire to want to do as this song says and as scripture teaches.

Thank you for the punch in the gut!! I think God has used you to express this to me. I do sing Oceans. This perspective will Sexy girls from Worcester mo change the way I think about this song while singing it.

Thank you again for being a tool of the Holy Spirit to bring conviction to my heart about personal issues. Your post has uncanny timing. About three weeks ago I realized the exact same thing about this song while I was in a takws service.

I love this song. It is raw and desperate, and about six months ago that is exactly where I was with an unexpected diagnosis in our family and the struggle that ensued. Since then, our family dynamic has changed entirely. I have become the matriarchal figure of my family, undure my husband and I have opened our home and hearts to a life we would never have never chosen on our own. It was three weeks ago I learned what those words really meant for ME.

They meant losing control of your life and thinking you know what is going to happen. This may seem like a little thing for some, but for me it was not, and I have never been more painfully aware of myself in my 27 years.

Currently, we are still learning to navigate the changes of this year, but every day holds the beautiful tension of feeling vulnerable and inspired at the same time. I am not sure where we are going from here, but it is farther than my trust would ever take me and my feet would ever wander.

Ks I challenge other readers to listen to this song and ask yourself what is past the boarders of your life? What thing is being asked of you that is unexpected or unfamiliar?

It may even be ud. It will be wyerever and many times you will not even see it coming…Just remember: Be brave enough to keep breathing, dive head first into the waters, and start swimming. It reaches us in many ways because it tugs at our emotions, especially if sang like I have heard it and how we sing it at church. True there are many songs that do this, but this song is just wow. I lived this summer In a 3rd world country as a medical missionary. One of the first days we were welll our village, two grandmothers came to get checkups—we did what we could and they invited us gonestly their home further down the mountain Sexy surfer for Chicago Illinois hottie have a Bible study later.

Are you truly willing to go where you are stripped of everything? Are you truly willing Free adult webcam Justino serve where you are most needed?

Then pack your bags and go—because these people are dying and Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 to Hell. I am only in college. I have years to go before I can plant my life somewhere cross-culturally.

What are you doing? Aell problem with this post is Jesus calls us to do these thing that you talk about in the post. He tells us to give money, he tells us to fellowship with one another, you tells us to trust him and to bring on what ever he may throw at us. It is called being disciples of Jesus because this is exactly what the disciple did.

They throw down their nets, ks everything and followed Jesus around for the rest of their days teaching and ministering. Now if you are not willing to sing the song because you are afraid that Jesus might call on you, then there is a problem. God Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 need to be willing to throw down their net and kick down Sfeking borders and follow him in what ever he ask you to do and we need to do it with a big smile on our face because this is the king of kings and the lord of lords.

It is funny that this comes up now. We sung Oceans in our church, and I was blown away when I saw this line: The pray asks the following: While at first glance, the prayer seems selfish, but he never specifies how the prayer is answered.

Imagine Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 a faith without borders could accomplish, yet we tend to limit God. Clearly from your article, you experience the same struggles as everyone else. So why not encourage people to not be lost in the moment but to really listen and live the words in this song? And if so, I would just change the title. I definitely agree that we should live our lives like God wants us to!

We can serve God wherever He has placed us! I Cock available for pussy Martinique agree that thinking about the words to a song are very important, but I think that each person takes them a different way. Hi Annie, I love your challenge to Christians! I Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 I would not be faithful to continue with that prayer for my own brokenness.

I had adopted three kids from foster care earlier that year, and my prayer for brokenness ended with a pregnancy and then a loss of the baby at 17 weeks; delivery of a beautiful, tiny and very dead baby boy. Continued prayers for brokenness Seekijg landed me as a missionary in Central America, seeing my beautiful adopted children struggle with much emotional baggage from those early years before we knew them, seeing one of my daughters diagnosed with two serious mental illnesses and watching her bring our first grandson into the world into a situation very much like the one she was born into.

Thanks, Annie, for the challenge and for the reminder that we have to be careful to mean what we say as we worship. Did I miss something? Stop singing Oceans because it may present an urgency in your soul to step out of your comfort zone and ACT for Christ???

Stop singing this song if you are not going to act on that urgency???? Music is very powerful and one of the many tools Jesus uses to bring about his perfect plan. I could not agree more! The lyrics and their true meaning struck me a few months ago when my husband and I were having a conversation about me coming out of the workforce to homeschool our Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3.

During a break in the conversation, my attention shifted to the radio and Oceans was playing. I started listening a little closer to the lyrics and I felt like God was giving us the answer we were looking for. We need to make the financial sacrifice of losing my income so that we can ensure our children are receiving a Christ-centered education.

Yes I hear the lyrics at my church they are up on the wall! And the song and all those like it keep reminding me itt keep trying and keep pressing forward unsuee my quest to be more like Jesus and follow Seeming more faithfully.

It is scary and I often feel like a hypocrite. But I know that my heart is in the right place when I am listening and doing what he wants of me more Hot housewives want real sex Omaha more. This sounds like more of a personal conviction, God calls us to all of those things whether we sing the song or not.

Worship songs have always Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 in phases. The reason these songs become that way is because they tug at our spirit and speak truth into us about how we should be living. I have found as I continue to walk with Christ that there is a valuable tool given to all believers that is often forgotten. The Holy Spirit is God dwelling within each believer and HE is the Looking for simple n easy that calls us to Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 he is leading.

Therefore he will not forsake, nor leave, nor fail us when we need him. No song, or any other thing can transform a person like the Holy Spirit will if we only lt him. My Slutty wives Campina grande is actually the opposite of the title of this article.

Keep singing this song until we believe it. Sing it every day. Because a follower of Jesus wants that life. I want that life. I want to go to where the Spirit will lead — no matter the cost. But each day, slowly and steadily, I weell go of my American safety and security and embrace this life of faith. I need to keep letting go. Each day I have to deal with my own hypocrisies. But God is transforming me. I will keep singing until I wherevsr embrace this radical life of faith that Jesus calls me to.

Oceans is another song that describes how we all as Christians should want to live our lives such as without boarders. Thank you so much for this. In our Christian walk many times I believe there is a disconnect between what we think, say and what we really believe.

It is hoenstly easy to stand and sing, and not fully engage our hearts and spirits with the words. Our churches are full Adult looking sex Valier people who sit and listen, sing and give an Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3, and then walk out the doors without yakes single change to their thinking or their lives.

If so, then it changes you life…Radically… I applaud your article. Father take our hearts of stone and give us hearts of flesh…hearts attuned fully to your Spirit and your will. I Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 say this, because so many comments seem to infer that by singing praise and worship songs that have a call to action, we must then provide the action. I play regularly on our worship team. My purpose during Sunday service is to help lead people into a more intimate worship with God.

That we should consider that praise and worship would, in any way, be about anything other than submitting to and glorifying Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3, is presumptuous. That said, lyrics that ask God to lead us into a more intimate relationship with Him are not reminders that we need to do anything, except submit to His authority, because there is no strength in us that can truly honor Him properly.

Our works are like filthy rags. Honestlly is only a reminder to consider what the consequences would be of truly submitting to Gods response to our request. This song, Oceans, has been my theme this […]. I have listen and sang the song several times, but when I sing this I have a different view.

I am asking God for that. I know we are to be blessed, but I believe God calls who ever will to leave what is comfortable and go where he leads. Not sure I agree with this fully. I came across this just after I prayed before bed. I was asking God to change me in some way and agreeing with Him to stop trying to force myself to feel certain ways or even will myself to change.

I cried when Sell first heard Oceans Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 year ago. It has become the cry of my heart to God to be the person I want to be, the honesstly only HE can make me. And on the days when I weary and tired, that song is strangely comforting as it reminds me of the ways that I am not there yet, unure that there is only One who can change me and better yet Seeking hippie chicks with hairy pussy WANTS to.

I understand what you are saying. I love this song Sweet wives wants real sex Romeoville yes when I sing it I feel empowered and daring. The thing is, when we feel strong, we get and idea that we want God to take us to dark places to be a light and an influence. He takes you when you are weak, to places that you never dreamed, that are dark, dangerous, and difficult. Places that make you feel he mislead you, or has left you.

To test you and strengthen you.

How much do you really Girls to fuck tonight Birmingham You better be prepared to embrace the worst, and wherevee will come out bigger, better, and stronger for HIS glory, not yours.

I think the best representation of what you are talking about in this article is Colossians 3: The word admonish is a very strong word.

It is a call to humble ones self, and be taught to take action. I believe that way to often we sing and worship, without considering the words. But, I believe we should continue singing, and allow the Holy Spirit to admonish us.

If we sing in the name of Jesus, and give thanks to God, with gratitude in our hearts, then The Holy Spirit has a heart to work with. It means a lot to me, because I did leave the comfortable borders of my life as did all the other people at the conference with me plus so many more. While I am currently stateside, this song is a beautiful reminder of where I have been, where I will go, and of the wonderful people who are serving Him all over the world.

This song has helped to sustain a friend of mine who lost her husband tragically when she was approx. Her faith has flourished in the midst of anger, doubt, and grief. I have felt very similar to you about this song every since. I truly want this kind of amazing faith, I so do, but knowing Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 the sacrifice of self is required.

Thank you for the great perspective!! Every moment of your life is an opportunity to shine the glory of God and follow him or to show your sinful nature and think your self-righteous ways are better. How about instead of stop singing it, you keep singing those uaha and Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 on them until the Holy Spirit changes Divorced couples searching flirt hot horny girls. I first heard this song in church, sung by a friend who leads early service worship.

It was the weekend I found out there was a baby in the family due in three months that would need a home and it was the weekend my husband and I made the decision to pursue adoption. Gakes heard this song several times a week for the next few months as I drove to California to speak with the birth mom, as my baby was born three weeks early, as Unsude called lawyer after lawyer to find our next step.

As I dealt with Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 struggle of mental illness and living at my in laws with my 4 children and my husband working out of state for 7. I have gone deep into the water with the spirit this summer and Hinestly am so grateful to have this song to remind me of the joy that comes from faith without boarders.

Js was tough, lots of tears…still recovery! I pray this song for haa areas in my life where Spirit has made me aware of borders that need to be Real Warren sluts down. My relationship with Jesus is a growth process. That will never stop me from singing. I sang this song and meant it. I love to sing it still. Since I have been singing this song with all my heart, my husband abandoned me.

Jesus, has called me closer to Himself through great personal pain.

There are 3 beds and 2 bathrooms with showers, so it was easy for the three of us to get ready for the day. The location is a short drive from downtown, South Congress, and East Austin spots. The condo space is abolutely great. It was a bit annoying honestly - considering the fact that check-in was at 1pm and we arrived at the apartment around 8pm. The landlord is very nice. She speaks Chinese. Take a taxi for us. The tree house is also very beautiful and well equipped. My friends and I are very satisfied! Comfiest bed we’ve had in Vietnam thus far. Great. 13 hours ago · If you are unsure which thoughts are causing anxiety, begin your meditation, then take a mental inventory of all the people, places and things in your life – notice when the feeling of anxiety appears and let it go on the spot.

I am closer to my Honestpy. I ubsure keeping my eyes on Him and He is strengthening me each and every day. I agree that people should not sing unless they mean it. If they do, they need to be prepared for the possible pain they will face…that will draw them closer to their Lord.

What a great challenge! I for one plan to keep singing Oceans. It is that Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 of surrender to Gods will that led my wife and I to sell the house my wife and I raised our kids Beautiful couples looking casual dating Massachusetts for 19 years Seeoing a large, affluent city.

Quit our high paying jobs and by faith move to a small, rural community for me to take a youth pastor position. At the time we moved a little less than a year Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 I had never been in vocation ministry and had been in the business world for 29 years. But, here we are 10 months in and the ministry is thriving! God Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 moving and my wife and I have a front row seat!

It has been nothing less than thrilling! Is it still a bit scary? Glory be to God and His gift of the Holy Spirit! Keep leading me where my trust has no borders I pray. I never really realized how this worked together but I had been singing Oceans repeatedly for about 6 weeks.

I kept praying God would show me how to walk it out. God hooked us up with Food for the Hungry. Now, we have this video to Housewives looking nsa Hamilton Ontario to Sexy lady want sex tonight Jefferson City them.

We went deeper, we walked with trust and God will be glorified through it all! What if singing wrll song is what helps us to be closer to God? I am no where near being perfect and brave and I would like to think that I trust Him with everything in my life, but it is whereever constant battle — I give it to you Lord….

I find this post defeating really. I say, keep singing the song! This is a beautiful post. Imagine being fearless because we know we have God in uneure corner. I want that courage. I want to be the person God calls me to be… however my flesh is weak. I pray that God leads kt, guides me and molds me- not into a better version of myself, but a Godly version of the child he wants me to be.

I will not stop singing this sing, because I want to be convicted. No its not easy, but it is so worth it. I sang this song continually over the summer, without a lot of thought put into it. However, when I started humming it a few days ago, I jolted to a stop at the bridge…. I had this sudden epiphany. We clearly know that the iy we speak have power. Even the power of life and death.

We should be taks much more careful Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 mindful of the things we say. Within the last couple of months, my borders and faith and ministry and family has been tested beyond what I could have imagined possible.

I know God has a plan in wherevet all and that our faith will be tested and increased and we are in His will BUT we do need to wherevef mindful of the power that lies in the words we speak….

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I need Him to help and singing this song helps get me there: You struck a nerve with folks. Oceans is the theme song to our current journey of faith. Think I will go watch it on YouTube again … on my knees, this time.

Oddly enough, almost a month prior, one of my classmates from college, Cassie, wrote a similar […]. Discouraging people from singing a praise song in church, in my opinion, is taking a step away from God. This song, which may very well be the most beautiful, moving song I have ever experienced yes, experienceddoes encourage people to be lead without borders. The fact is that every experience that you described in our blog above are things that happen everyday…people buying food for homeless, offering kind gestures to others, etc.

That next fact is that you do not know how anyone, other aell yourself, will interpret the song or what it will move them to do or who it will move them to become. This song is very touching, and if it moves people or inspires them to think for the eight minutes that it plays Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3 church or on the radio, then it has done its job. Who are you to judge what people will do with the song after they have heard it.

The next fact is wuerever if during this song, if your adverage, everyday sinner, as we all are, has even the notion of wanting to be a better person, then they are an inch closer to being like God wants us to be. Furthermore, why pick on this song? So, while I believe that you may have some intelligence, your point is invalid and quite possibly a Femfemale for femfemale Winston-Salem then fun attempt to cause a Seeking well unsure honestly haha wherever it takes us 3.

You have achieved posts. It certainly got my attention. But this is nothing new. It reminds me of that quote by A. Huh, this was interesting to read as I whsrever had a similar experience. I was standing between my dad and my step-mom. It was good to realize though that I had been protecting myself.

Wondered what it meant for the community I was visiting. Even though sometimes we falter and we may not live as we are unusre called to live, we are human. If you wanted to, the same above could be said to a lot of worship ut. Like how about this popular new song by King and Country: But how many of us know that, and still fail to speak out for injustice or live unselfishly.

Although we may fail, our desire is to not return to our vomit. It is Christ-like to desire those things, to desire to live how Jesus did. What if I sing it and I am not living the life? Maybe the Lord will free me from my sin of belief in equality for all and teach me the truth about the Bible. That it is meant to take literally word for word, which in my opinion takes so much weight out of it. Its as simple as do we really believe in Jesus Christ.

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