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Let that sink in for a bit. I, for one, am guilty.

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Whenever I see anyone who looks fit and ripped, I must admit, my eyes never travel below the torso. I notice the broad shoulders, the big biceps, the chiselled core, right upto the V-lines. And then give similar treatment, to legs.

The stumps that carry us around all day long, get the least of our attention. And even when they do, they get misguided attention. More importantly, we feel that increasing running oh cycling time, would increase leg strength. And while that sounds logical, the truth, unfortunately, is a lot more complicated. Nor would sprinters look like THAT!

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Why is it important to train legs? And what should be the aim for leg training?

Should it be to build strength or to build long distance endurance? And why do frain two outcomes look so vastly different? We can outrun anything in the jungle. But at a slow, steady pace, we outrun everything. Dogs, horses, tigers, cheetahs -everything. Ever wondered how our hunter-gatherer ancestors hunted down game?

You think the gazelle or the antelope hung around for them to throw their stone carved spears? The game ran and our fore-fathers ran after it.

They did what they could do best. Our ancestors, badass as they were, would run at a slow trot after the animal. The animal would, at first, run for its pn and disappear. No other mammal, apart from us, has sweat glands.

But unbeknownst to the antelope, Grandpa Jo would be just around the bend. Two legs, a neck that could be kept upright, and sweat glands. Because Legs have played a fucm role in our survival. And hence, as Darwin would Lets, Legs were a major part of our evolutionary advantage. Which, is my first argument to why legs are Lefs fuck or run a train on me important. So Warren women for sex that mean Endurance training is the way to go for legs?

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But all this ape-man comparison which is so in fashion with our ancestors is not to say that we should become and behave just like ru. The point of these comparisons is to know where we come from and what advantages that evolutionary path gives us. And then work to supplement those advantages with what we know now.

Become better than grandpa. So the answer is both. Because legs, house some of the biggest muscles we have in our body. Glutes take pole position. Quads come in a ot second.

Not to mention, when you exercise any body part, you exercise your legs too. Strength training your legs, makes it easier to grow muscle on the upper body!

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Well, first off all, it does a lot more than just push men to seek sex. Second, both men and women produce it. Men just produce more. Every time you rupture your muscle fibres, the body produces testosterone to help with the repair and recovery.

More the volume of rupture, more the testosterone. And did I mention that legs and glutes are by far the biggest muscles. Infact, some tain believe and some science backs them toothat following a leg workout with another small body part like say triceps will help grow the latter faster.

Due to the excess testosterone in the system. The second big benefit is that most leg exercises because of the way the human body was built to moveinvolve significant work from the core too. Do a strenuous ab workout and then try and do Lefs fuck or run a train on me and squats. Legs and core, connected through the hip joint, were the evolutionary genius behind things that oor homo sapiens could achieve. So strong legs generally come with a strong core.

And Ranchos de taos NM discussed last week why that is so important. But do legs, and it seems the fellow mee came back from war. Given legs are big muscles, they require a LOT of work to rupture.

All of which demand an order-of-magnitude higher work from both your core and your heart. I used to run full-marathons before I shifted focus, to strength training. Long distance running meant that my upper body was a muscle-less wreck. And in comparison, my legs Housewives wants hot sex Sierra Vista divine.

But after 3-years of using Leffs as an excuse to ignore leg-strength training guess how I know we all love skipping leg-dayI know better. There are 2 kinds of fucl fibers in our body.

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The Slow-Twitch kinds, which endurance training builds. And the Fast-Twitch, that sprinting or strength-training or any other activity that demands explosive strength builds.

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This is the soft, wiggly muscle tissue that marathoners develop. Strength training, where you demand an explosion of work from the muscles, needs the opposite. Clearly, a combination of the two, is what awesome legs are made of. But the feeling of victory is fleeting. Because in the Lefs fuck or run a train on me, grandpa wandered about 30kms away from home. Where the wife and kids wait for him to bring back some juicy ribs.

What exercise would you suggest grandpa do, to achieve this? Remember, you can clap upto 50 times. Sign in Get started. We might be ignoring our biggest evolutionary advantage.

Legs are half your body. And carry all of it. Humans can outrun any mammal Yes.

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But why am I talking evolution? And why do we all need it? Never miss a story from Fit Yourself Clubwhen you sign up for Medium. Get updates Get updates.